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Unique concepts for cafe interiors

Cafe interiors are one of the main aspects that amuse your customers. Just like the delicacy should tantalize the taste buds and the flavour needs to linger around even when you’re done savouring the last bits; likewise the panorama of the cafeteria should be equally appealing. However often people are ready to willingly compromise the taste and the flavour only to feel the pristine aura that the place radiates.

While we leave the cliché for taste and flavour to the chefs lets discuss the interiors in meanwhile.

Vibrant lights and sleek décor is what hype the generation of today. One of the quick and budget friendly interior can be created with textured walls of sanguine shades of red and orange; Spice it up with contrasting black or dark brown block furniture and translucent curtains or crystal nets. Do not light up too much, hang a few mini pendants; exceptionally black glass with bright bulbs will accentuate the scene. Also can keep the lengths different or simply form hanging wave patterns. Again, flooring is an important aspect, check out Allgrind Concrete Finishing Melbourne offering great services in polished concrete, themed concrete floors and concrete overlays for your home or garage.

Variations could be created in the celling patterns; the most universal types are abraded styles. In case of any vintage style look try out the hanging blocks; it’s among comparatively contemporary and less adopted designs. Instead of fit-in plain lights hang bowl-shaped cylindrical transparent crystal pendants

The blocks can also be in snowy white or cream paint to suit an interior reflecting the serene appearance. However the circular or wave patterns of old still looks good. Never fix up any chandelier with it, rather get some flashy blue and green lights to stuff in for accentuating the look-up view.

To create the impeccable rustic look, choose the bricked pattern for walls and pillars. To add the mordern chic tint you can also try same print tile of two different shades in light and dark. Flip them however you want or wood too looks classic in same design. Wicker or rattan sitting arrangements complements this kind of setup. Spare the metal lamp shade and as replacement try electric-bulb enclosures woven out of same material. Generously fix a black board for your customers to chalk down “a thought for the day”; the elderly of your neghbourhood going to be regular clintele.

Ever since abstract art took over the world and began to mesmerized people, undoubtedly interior designs have been awaiting a blend of similar inclusions as well. Paint a beautiful face or just an outline façade perhaps a smoky figure right opposite to your entrance; add-up some distinct styling with intaglio glass work or you can also select the new fused glass or ceramic tile range. Embellish the flooring along with the walls with irregular pattern alignment of small chips in wide diversity of colours. Contrast this camouflage effect with glass panels etched with floral arrays or inscriptions. Opt for egg chairs can be ether made of PVC or cladded in velvet grouped up with elliptical flat-top mid reach tables. Exaggerate the dazzle further through more and more reflections by illuminating this setting with bright white light.

Another method you could use is by using designer cutlery and homewards in your cafe interiors. Maxwell and Williams home wares work extremely well for a more modern and contemporary look, the elegant edges and plate designs allow for that posh feeling in your cafe. This home decor and improvement post has been recommended and shared by Matthews Glass and Glazing Melbourne. They are experts in glass replacement service and kitchen glass splashbacks in Australia.

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Best Cafe Restaurant Decorations (15) Designs Interior ideas Architectural Images Photos

When it comes to designing your restaurant, catering hall or cafe, you have to think about the best way to create, design and layout your place. There is nothing worse than getting the interior decoration of your place wrong. It can have detrimental effect on your customers, your business and how much you generate in your profit. That is why you should always look at every angle when it comes to designing the interior of your cafe or restaurant. How might be thinking: is this really this important? Isn’t the food and the customer service enough?

Not even close. Everything plays a factor for customers when it comes to choosing where to eat and how to enjoy their time with family and friends. So apart from food and drinks, and apart from the customer service delivered by your team, you have to look into the design, the layout and interior decorations of your establishment will make a massive impact on the outcome of your business. That is why we have got some crafty ideas and tips to help you with this point. All you have to is keep reading to find out how this can help:

Beside good food and drinks, cafe and restaurants need to retain the glee of its customers. Both classic vintage style and modern eclectic styling walk parallel when it comes to cafeteria designs; rather the latest trend has found a way to entwine the two extremes to create the perfect contemporary ambience. While the chairs has been adapted to padded up low back cushion support designs for comfortable sitting, the tables are often preferred in rustic wood designs. Even if you are hosting a corporate party buffet or a canape catering event, it is important to give it the right feel.

It adds to the essence of coffee somehow. Placing a long sofa up against the wall and using chairs on the opposite side is a clever arrangement idea to amplify capacity. The tripod square table with synthetic rattan or wicker chairs are a timeless people’s favourite for outdoor café.

Before you jump the gun, we got a short sharp video that will provide you with some valuable ideas for your place. This video if full of such designs and ideas for cafeteria refurbishing. Take your time and watch it. Learn the skills, grab the ideas and begin the transformation in your cafe! It is sponsored by IQ Catering – the experts in catering in Melbourne

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Upcycling Old Furniture by Restaurants – No More a Challenge

In the earlier days, upcycling of goods was not given due importance and value. But with the passage of time, as the businesses started getting expanded which also include restaurants. Each and everyone started recognizing the fact that up cycling in maximum cases seem to be an economical deal rather than purchasing brand new items. It has also been recognized to tap a whole consumer market.
Up-Cycling of Furniture – Worth Activity
First of all, it will be worth in getting familiar with the activities associated with up cycling. In a nutshell, it can be described as a process where someone is fetching a new lease against a waste and useless product. Table tops with new legs can be a suitable example! In short it is defined as creating something with an added value.

With the introduction of idea associated with zero waste economy, many companies all over the world have started realizing the benefits along with the potential of utilizing upcycled furniture. Many businesses in the early stage have been highly reluctant in using upcycled furniture. Even the second-hand furniture was not considered safe and was frowned upon. For your kind information, they are highly safety. The concern associated with non-upholstered items is not real. They include a lot of stuffing and got their outer materials replaced by a good one.  
Causes to Choose Up-Cycled Furniture
Some additional salient features of upcycling old furniture can be explained as under:

    • Contribution to saving time and money – It must be noted that upcycling is not at all a fad. Instead, a procedure adopted for downcycling and recycling the smashed items. It is at present adding high values to the furniture especially in restaurants and other established business.
  • Helps in trading reputation – The methods like recycling, upcycling of organic products, have contributed to building of a certain kind of reputation. It has also made the people environmental conscious. The consumers are becoming highly aware of the operations associated with the company along with values and ethics involved.

Benefits Associated with Up-Cycled Furniture
Through up cycling the restaurant and other business furniture, some of the achievements include the following:

  • Designed space – The inclusion of upcycled furniture makes the restaurant involved highly unique and a bit distinguished from others. The outstanding look with the upcycled items will really make them exceptional without any prior notice. More the advertisement, more the popularity!


  • Cheaper – The upcycled furniture for the restaurant and other businesses can be easily purchased through auction at a nominal rate. You may also visit a house clearance company in order to make your objectives meet. The experts will refer you some cumbersome furniture items that are hard to sell at a smart rate. Try your best to pick up a quality table and good sized sideboard.

In case you have no retail shop nearby your residence, then you may approach the online stores to fetch new legs as well as feet. The presence of a wide variety of items will let you choose easily the best and most suitable item. You may also move ahead to purchase readymade upcycled furniture.