Considering Hiring an Interior Designer Melbourne

The owner of this renowned studio has over twenty years of experience and has worked on a variety of projects in Melbourne, Sydney and London. He has also designed many modern apartment buildings in Australia. He is passionate about the impact that good design can have on the lives of those who inhabit them. He has a degree in interior design and an MBA from the University of Melbourne.

Roger Mitchell is one of Australia’s most experienced interior designers. He moved to Australia in 2006 and has worked on a variety of projects. He has an extensive network of industry professionals. As a registered architect in the UK, Mitchell has worked with many top architectural firms and has developed collections for clients. extensive experience and is committed to the highest quality of design. In addition to designing luxury interiors, Roger Mitchell also has a passion for developing furniture collections and is a member of the Interior Designers Association of Victoria and NSW.

David Hicks is a multidisciplinary practice who blends architectural elements with materials and furnishings to create elegant contemporary spaces. With a holistic design philosophy, David Hicks’ designs incorporate the three elements of the built environment: form, space, and furnishings. The result is a beautiful and functional environment. His work has received numerous awards and many repeat clients. Whether you’re looking for a luxury apartment or a stylish and comfortable home, you’ll find it with a design firm in Melbourne.

The founder of Studio Esteta, Sarah Cosentino and Felicity Slattery, is one of the most experienced interior design practices in Melbourne. Their focus on high-end finishes and furnishings has expanded the firm’s portfolio from residential to commercial and luxury hotel projects. Their clientele include a variety of industries, from fashion to healthcare. They are a diverse design practice that offers innovative solutions to any interior design challenge. They are an award-winning Melbourne-based firm that offers high-end interior designs.

Mim Design is an award-winning Melbourne interior architecture practice. They pride themselves on meticulous detail and a sense of detail. Their designs are bespoke and aesthetically stunning, combining contemporary styles with the history of the city. Inarc is a multidisciplinary design studio in Melbourne, and their work is published widely. They focus on retail, hospitality, and residential properties and are recognized by both professional bodies. Choosing the right interior designer Melbourne is essential for a successful renovation.

If you are looking for a Melbourne interior design studio, consider Hecker Guthrie. The dual directors of this studio are dedicated to creating environments that are aesthetically pleasing, as well as functional. This award-winning practice works with a variety of clients and is a highly acclaimed firm. Whether you are seeking an Interior Designer Melbourne, an experienced professional can help you find the best design team in town. They are committed to using an intuitive, holistic approach to create a beautiful and functional space.

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